It’s all go at the nursery. Here’s a roundup of our news:

We are doing a trial with edible flowers to see if the Eden kitchens would like to use them. Emma has planted some Asparagus Pea plants and Viola called Hollywood Honeys.

We have planted up the squashes and gourds for Eden which will be kept in the greenhouse until they are ready to be planted in the field.

The holes were dug for fixing the polytunnel, but due to the heavy rainfall during the week, the work of putting in the posts has had to be put on hold while the water drains away.

A little gardening tip for this time of year:

It’s time to sow runner and French beans straight into the soil. A good way to try and keep the slugs at bay is to add spare lettuce plants to the area around the beans. This will help lure the slugs away from the new beans as they begin to grow.

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