We have just set up a purpose built tomato growing area, with the capability to grow approximately 350 plants at a time.

This has been partly funded by The Cornish Ketchup Company, through a £500 donation.

wire string support

It has involved us setting up a suitable structure in our greenhouse able support such a large number of plants. This involved purchasing and setting up a scaffolding system with wires across to support the vines.

laying out the grow bags

Added to this is an automatic feeding and watering system, which will ensure regular and even feeding and watering for greater yield.

small plants

Many of the produce from this will be sent to The Cornish Ketchup Company for use in their sauces. The remainder will be tomatoes for our veg bags.

plants growing

Now this system is set up, it can be used every year indefinitely; it can also be easily transferred to other areas if required. It can be used for other plants such as peppers and cucumbers as well.

This will make things so much easier for all our guys, who can concentrate on other parts of our growing more, as well as learn about this new system.

Many thanks also to Hewaswater Scaffolding for assisting us with the materials to build this.

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