At Watering Lane Nursery we are producing a wide variety of fresh, wholesome and mouth-watering produce for our Veg Bag scheme.

Veg Bags

We provide a fortnightly delivery in the St Austell area. The large bag is £15 and small £12 each. Payments will be made by Direct Debit or Standing Order on a monthly basis (£30 large and £24 small).

All profits from this scheme will go towards supporting the project and those who attend.

We believe that our scheme will help to change the lives of many people who have been denied opportunity. We will provide that opportunity.

For more details contact the People and Gardens office on 01726 70721 or mobile 07871601237 or email [email protected]

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What’s value for you will have value for others.

Veg Bags

Salads and seedlings are grown in our glasshouses.  We grow seasonal vegetables throughout the year.


Veg Bags

Salad and vegetables are picked, prepared and packed by the whole team with a little help from our trusty volunteers.

Veg Bags

Each fortnight the veg bags are packed full of delicious seasonal vegetables and salad. Potatoes, onions and carrots form the basis of the bags.